Hi! I’m Pranav, and I’m a rising senior (class of 2021) studying Computer Science (with a concentration in Computer Systems) at Carnegie Mellon University.


My interests lie in operating system development, performance optimization, and compiler development. My problem solving approach is very logical and solution driven, leading to my inability to “take my mind off things” when I’m working on something interesting.

Outside of academics, I am a senator for the School of Computer Science, a part of CMU’s student government.

Some of my favorite YouTube channels are Kurzgesagt, Vsauce, Tom Scott, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I also browse Hacker News and Reddit from time to time.

I love Indian and Thai food, with a penchant for trying out all kinds of spicy dishes. My hobbies include playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, playing all kinds of sports, and carefully curating my Spotify playlists.